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Contributing to Spotlight

Spotlight is a project that is worked on in my spare time. If you like where things are going and have some time or money to spare, contributing to the project or NoccyLabs is a great way to help keep things going!

Contributing Code

Spotlight consist of a number of packages, with the intention of growing. All of these are open to contributions. Currently the project is set to private, but any contributors are welcome. Once added to the project you can fork the interesting projects, and then send pull requests with your changes.

Make sure to use the issue trackers to coordinate before doing anything major!

The core projects are:

  • Spotlight Server -- the main server
  • Illuminator -- the built-in web interface, currently part of Spotlight
  • PHP Client -- a standalone PHP client to submit to Spotlight
  • PHP Symfony Bundle -- a Symfony framework bundle to submit to Spotlight
  • Spotlight CLI -- a console client to interact with Spotlight

Some other stuff that would be neat is:

  • JavaScript Client -- a client to submit client-side errors and exceptions to Spotlight
  • Python Client -- a client to submit server-side errors and exceptions to Spotlight
  • Haxe Client -- to cross-compile to everything

Contributing Documentation

Every project need documentation. Help pages, manuals, instructions. There is a repositry for all that stuff, so feel free to follow the instructions above to join the team.