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Feature Overview

Feature Overview

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Core Functionality

Exception logging

Log and track exceptions that occur in a running codebase, together with any optional bits of debugging information so that you don't miss a single error. With frames being JSON submitted over a HTTP API, writing additional clients for additional languages and environments is fairly easy.

Whenever a client is created it can generate a new context ID or use an ID provided from some other code path. This context ID decorates all frames sent throught the client so that frames for a single request, cron job or otherwise invoked code can be easily collected.

Frame Queries and UI

Just like frames are ingested through a HTTP API, they are queried through a HTTP API.

The actual query functionality can be implemented as desired to fit your infrastructure, but a built-in basic web interface will be avaiable (Illuminator) together with a console/command line client (Spotlight CLI).

These two interfaces to the data should be sufficient for smaller projects and organizations, but hopefully better web frontends and integrations will come eventually.