Our manifest
For the code!

Because code is beautiful. Code is magic. Code is elegant.

Writing code is an art that involves thinking outside of the box to find the most beautiful solutions to what may seem the weirdest of problems. And what is the point of art if you are not sharing it with the world? NoccyLabs stands behind open-source!

For the people!

Everything that makes more time for life is worth pursuing.

Innovation is important, and should be encouraged. The fuel for innovation is information, and for this reason information must be free and not behind a paywall. The projects developed by NoccyLabs are all open-source, and available for free to individuals and teams for non-commercial use.

For creativity!

Building a better tomorrow, one line of code at a time.

Computer: $250, IDE: Free, That feeling when you hit "run" and everything just works: Priceless. Join us and help brainstorm the future! Everybody is welcome to help out with our own projects, and if you have a project of your own feel free to bring it!