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About fresh

About Fresh

Using Fresh

To check for updates, pull updated images and recreate any containers defined in the docker-compose.yml in the current directory:

$ fresh.phar 

Specify a directory to chdir into; very useful with cron:

$ fresh.phar --dir /srv/docker/mystack

To invoke scripts or webhooks:

$ fresh.phar --before scripts/ --after scripts/ \
    --slack https://my.slack.or/mattermost/webhook

Check a specific image:

$ fresh.phar --image my.private.repo/name/package:latest --check -w
$ echo $?  # if 1, a newer version is available

Check images defined in a custom configuration file:

$ cat freshdocker.conf
- my.docker.repo/vendor/image:latest
$ bin/freshdocker -C fresh --check -v
# ..or..
$ bin/freshdocker -c freshdocker.conf --check -v

For all available options, use the --help flag.

Some of the options can be read from environment variables, for example FRESH_AFER or FRESH_SLACK. See --help for supported variables.