Pi + Arduino = Udoo

If you have been wishing for a Pi, but with a little extra, take a look at Udoo – The kickstarter from 2013 was successful and they now offer Udoos (udooses?) in three levels starting at about twice the price of a Pi. Among the extras they have packed on this board you can find…

Electronics Tools and Material

The Workbench: Tools and Equipment

Tools are important. You will not get much work done using just your hands and your teeth, and even worse you may end up injuring yourself (and/or losing your teeth!) in the process. So instead, use tools. Preferably proper tools. Buy a few high-quality tools that you treat like they are made of gold, and…

Mock menu on the 3310 LCD

PCD8544 LCD driver for msp430

Recently I managed to get my hands on a LCD3310 module by Olimex. It consists of a LCD display together with a PCD8544 driver chip. After reading up on the PCD8544 and examining some of the example code that’s floating around out there, I finally managed to get it working with an msp430 and now…


MSP430 Mood Light Update

Correction: It’s 18 bit, not 21 bit. I just wanted to post an update on the RGB mood light I have been working on. I have optimized the code a whole lot, and it now runs smooth with a total of 6 bits per channel with a total of 18 bits color. That is 64…

Knowing the chef, a lib430 update.

If you have checked out the sourcecode for lib430 yet, you have probably already used the chef to build a library for your mcu of taste. However, if you use several different mcus, and would like to have it built for all of them we can use the buildall.sh script.

lib430 updates

lib430 has been updated together with all the skeleton files. Actually, the skeleton files updated first, causing the chef to fail at building the libraries altogether. But everything has been sorted. If you have other projects that depend on the skeleton makefiles (primarily common.mk) you should use SOURCEC in your include file to define the…


I have posted an update on G+ about libArduino on Google+ but I have not mentioned lib430 yet. If you were observant, the clues were to be found in the SVN repository and the build instructions. Either way it’s about time to officially tell you about lib430 and what it is. So here goes. lib430 is not a…

Syntax Highlight with Style

To scratch an itch I have written a very handy syntax highlighting tool. You can find it at code.noccylabs.info/highlight where you can simply paste an URL in the box to have it served highlighted to you.